Oh pray, tell where you hide inside me creeping cancer

You the big ‘C’ who lurks hiding in all of us so they tell

Now, science chases you, the secret mutant deathly cell

So, come on you lumped clotted human eating chancer


Show yourself. Surrender your evil flesh shrinking game

Identify the part of my body you live in and will make lame

Is it my stomach, lung, my breast, or grey-mattered brain?

That you intend to invest your mutant cell dividing pain


You think you have fooled the medics in their fruitless quest

Denied them every avenue, blunted their searching test

A favoured home for you the milk of life the female breast

Strike at the heart of the maternal mothers feeding nest


You like the hunt the battle tactics of the deadly silent killer

You like the starring role in a body eating ghostly thriller

You enjoy sucking the body ever thinner and thinner

Laugh at the soldier drugs resultant hairless Yul Brynner


But science hunts you chasing your evil destructive case

Little time now to spread your damage, so you make haste

Attack another innocent body, turning bone to liquid paste

As your victim spits out the chemo’s sour choking taste


Are you a virus, bacterium and a diseased faulty mutant gene?

Is it god’s destiny where you are going where you have been?

Wreaking your havoc, wiping out life – a horrible deadly scene

Breeding death eating away life to the white, sheer bone, clean


Drinking blood dry quenching the thirst of anaemia

Gorging on white cells growing deathly leukaemia

We shall fight you back we will beat you to death

Defeat you with cyber chemicals and sweet angel breath


There is one thing as sure as the tablets of Moses

Your end is nigh like diphtheria polio and tuberculosis

For time is catching you to end your victim’s plight

Science has you targeted firmly in its advanced sight


And soon there will be no secret hiding corner place

This time you’ve lost you’re off target off the pace

Your time is up I have no deathly fear

Your very own death is now so near


Time is up for your cancerous death-delivering race

I can look you fairly squarely in your putrid face

I have been blessed a power here on my earthly base

And defeated you , escaped your hell –  by God’s good grace.


Michael Knighton

Author Michael Knighton

Famous for his involvement with Manchester United and Carlisle United professional football clubs. This website showcases the other lifelong passions of Michael Knighton - as a creator of Art and Poetry and occasional blogger.

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