No State Surrender


You Have Hoovered Up All Intellectual Life From Every Fibre Of My Being. Sucked At My Soul Until My Heart Bleeds, Drunk In The Last Of My Blood Like Some Ancient Mythical Vampire. Left Me, Here, With A Nothingness, A Darkness – Where Not Even The Blind Can See. A Head Full Of Hugger Mugger Muddle And A Pen Dry Of Creative Tropes, And, Eyes With Over Stretched, Worn Out Trochlear Nerves And A Psyche On The Brink Of Insanity. And For What? Because I Would Not, Will Not, Kowtow To Your All-Embracing Will. Your Crushing Need For Control, Your Unquenchable Thirst For Data About Me.


I Refuse To Bow To Your Cravings, To Your Gargantuan Ego. Your Monumental Sense Of Power And Control, I Will Not Worship At The Altar Of Conceit And Bureaucratic Hubris. You Will Not Shackle Me With Your Desires; You Will Not Conquer My Spirit.  You Will Not Lumber Me With Your Cold Rusting Ball And Chain  – 0r Drown Out My Conscience In A Mountain Of Brown Manila Paper – To Flood My Bronchial Tubes With Regulation Sludge – To Suffocate And Choke My Last Breath From My Tired Screaming Lungs. There Will Be No Surrender.


At Least Not From This Human Citizen.A Survivor, Who Refuses To Become A Robotic Cog, A Number, And A Member Of Planet Zog. A Human Being Born Of A Land Where Once She Was The Mother Of Liberty. A Passionate Citizen That Would Rather Consume Recently Evacuated Dog Excrement That Clings To A Broken Stick, Swarming In Fat Blue-Bottle Flies  ( It Tastes Better) – Than For Me To Surrender To The Machine With Its Data Induced Robotic, Door Knocking ‘Civil Servants’ Of The Grasping Thieving Monolithic State. Or The Secret Eavesdropping On My Email , My Telephone Calls , My Faxes , My Thoughts , My Blogger , My Twitter, My Heart, My Soul, My Everything


You Will Not Throttle Me With The Trillion Miles Of Your Endless Red Tape That You So Expertly Exercise Your Fetish For Human Bondage. But What Of My Land- The Land Of My Birth? My Once Proud Country Who Has Not So Much As Sleep-Walked But More Like Sprint Raced, Wide Eyed Into A Raging Nightmare Of State Control. That Once Magnificent Sleeping Lion That Would, Like Me, Never Have Surrendered . She Who Was Happy To Show The World A Guiding Light Of Civility And Freedom. Now, A Fire Quenched, Dead.  Surrendered To Third Rate Zoo Keepers With Tenth Rate Minds?  I Fear She, Too, Is Lost In The Quagmire Of Diktats And Rendered Impotent Along With The Rest Of Her Once So Gallant And Brave People Whom Have En Masse So Weakly, So Dunderheadedly, So Hopelessly, So Inexplicably Succumbed To The Faceless Machine Which Now Governs Their Every Move Their Every Thought, Their Very Existence

Oh Mr. Blair  – Author Of 1984 You Were Too Gentle With Your Allegorical, Mixed Metaphors – Whilst Your Power Crazed Namesake Prime Minister, Antony Blair Is/Was Far Too Delusional And Tyrannical Even For The Pages Of Your Most Famous Work. Oh, Please I Pray, Angels Of Freedom, Gather Up Your Bow And Mount Your Chariots Of Fire Before The Remaining Flickering Ember Flames Of Light Are Extinguished Forever.  Stir Up Your Passion And May Your Heart Bleed With Patriotism To Bring On The Last Stand Revolution!! And Hail Freedom!! Hail, Hail And Thrice Hail Freedom. That Is What I Say To Deny The Evils Of The All Embracing, All Consuming, All Demanding, All Controlling Twenty First Century UK State. Let The Blind See, At Last –  And Cry, Frrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeedoooooooooooommmmmm!!!!!!!!

Michael Knighton

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Famous for his involvement with Manchester United and Carlisle United professional football clubs. This website showcases the other lifelong passions of Michael Knighton - as a creator of Art and Poetry and occasional blogger.

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