Kindred Souls

Oh Son Of Serendipity With Your Crafting Eye And Gifted Hand You Do Guide The Mirror Of Your Soul. Now You Have Slain The Raging Demons, Banished Those Soldiers Of Darkness. You Have Seen Them Off. Cut Their Miserable Ball And Chain Of Hopelessness. Sweetened Their Vindictive, Chilling Addiction. For You Have Risen  – As If ‘Twas The Easter Of Your Life.

Here You Wished Up On A Star – One Starry Starry Night Did You Lift Your Throat And Scream A Lasting, Pulsating Scream. ‘Twas A Scream In Search Of Salvation. And, Your Screams Were Heard. You Found The Sacred Light That Shines On You. A Light That Has Showered You With Gifts Divine.  ‘Tis A Brilliant Radiance. A Starry Light To Bless You. A Light Ready To Catch You, And All Of Us, When We Chase The Cavernous Fall From Grace And Leave All That Is Good Far Behind, As If Left –  Left Forever – Left For Dead.

The Angels Knew Your Soul Would Call A Searching. For You Are An Echo On The Wind Of Chance – And Lo – The Star Did Shine On You In All Its Glory. And Your Heart Did Bleed. You Were A Drifting In The Mire, Lost For All Eternity. A Life With Raging Greed. A Thirsting Hunger To Satisfying A Corrupting Need, A Life Charmed By The Shadows Of The False Colours Of The Addicted Breed, The Dammed And The Hollow Had Caught You In Their Snare.

Until You Saw The Light That Shines On You. And, This Light Did Light All The Depths Of Cold Darkness. A Light That Did Kill The Death That Had Besmirched You. This, You Will Recall, Was Where You Where – Deep In A Hell Of Burning Desire Which Controlled Your Very Being. Until You Grasped The Light As If It Were A Sword And You Did Weald This Sword With All Your Might And With A Power You Felt Unbeatable.  And Then You Did A Rise Like A Phoenix  From The Burnt And Stinking Ashes To Heavens Of The Sented Rose. You Rose From The Fire.You Marched, With Soldiers Of The Spirit And You Were Ready To Brawl For Your Life And The Light Stopped The Recoiling, The Shame, The Hopelessness And It Did Caress You Like A Giant Pawl Of Silver Cloud. It Did Consume Your Very Spirit And Pulled You From The Brink And The Angel Dust Cleared  – And You Smiled.

To Keep Your Soul Safe From The Demons Burning, Evil Grasp. The Light Did Shepherd You Home To Sip The Love From The Cup Of Life And Leave The Wilderness Behind. It Wrapped Your Soul In Warm Caress And You Saw The Light That Shines On You And All.  For That Salvation, Of Course, Is Yours  – God Bless You, Oh Wondrous, Creative, Multi-Talented Golden Son.  A Son Of He The Almighty That Did Create Your Genius – He Is Well Pleased With His Prodigal Son – Clawed Back From The Pit Of Hellfire And All That Was Darkness – Is Now Light Again. And You Are At One With The Light That Shines On You.

For My Friend In Art, Peter Howson – Artist

Michael Knighton

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