Michael KnightonFor almost a quarter of century I ‘ve heard that question asked in respect of one Michael Knighton. I’ve never bothered replying to that banal question myself. Naturally, it’s a question that triggers plenty of fairly predictable responses from the more non-benign type of football message board writer. Such friends of mine always seem to have a lot to say about myself. This, despite never having met me or knowing anything about me really other than what they have gleaned from my other dear ‘friends’ in the wonderful British press. Latterly, inevitably, the twitter and blogger writers are there too with their, it must be said, sometimes brilliantly hilarious suggestions about – Where is Michael Knighton now?

Sorry to disappoint  – I’m not yet dead. Been close a couple of times over recent years but always stubbornly just pulled through.  Always have been very stubborn. I think the new website will answer that ‘where is he’ question, at least in part. I have finally succumbed to the wishes of my real friends and family and agreed to sit-up and swat a few of the old gadflies which surrounded my time in that superb if often bizarre football industry. But, though I say I intend to swat a few gadflies – this is all meant in good fun you understand. Everyone has a view and whatever it is  – it should be listened to and given a fair hearing – so long as the critics are reasonably polite about it all. Life is about taking a few punches good and bad – no one should ever complain about that.

I am bound to recommend the forthcoming book. I think the researchers and the various writers that have contributed to the project have all done a very good job with, it must be said,  sometimes , not always the best co-operation from myself. The book tell’s the story of my time as a football club director, owner and chairman. What what I have read so far – the book certainly pulls no punches and reveals a warts and all examination of my time at both Manchester United and Carlisle United. It’s out sometime early in the New Year ( 21014 ) . I would have liked to have seen the book out a bit sooner but I understand that their some photographic image copyright issues to resolve before the manuscript can even go to press. If you’re interested – you can pre-order a copy on this site. The year 2014 is going to be a good year. Let’s all make the most of it.

Michael Knighton

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Famous for his involvement with Manchester United and Carlisle United professional football clubs. This website showcases the other lifelong passions of Michael Knighton - as a creator of Art and Poetry and occasional blogger.

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