I’ll tell you of King Arthur, Robin Hood even Virgil

Those ancient legends give you such a thrill

Tell all ancient stories, tales and myths galore

From Blue Hog, King Lear, Ovid to the Trojan War

Who cares of where Deucalion, Icarus, Pelops, Zeus have been

The young today are not interested in this Mythological scene

They shun stories of goats’ bodies , lion head and serpent tail

You might as well seek out the real Jesus and his Holy Grail

I’m sorry to disappoint, oh my son , don’t be so forlorn

I’ll tell of the beasts, the Sphinx and the fabulous Unicorn

Tales from Crete, Egypt, Palestine and Babylonia

Of the Hare and the Tortoises that caught pneumonia

Of Pegasus the winged horse and chariots of fire

All dancing to the tune of an angel’s sweet sounding lyre

So come closer my lovely, inquisitive, darling little lad

While daddy relates for you the tale of the great Iliad

So brace yourself young man –  it can be so uncouth

For did you know that man came from a serpent’s tooth?

Don’t look aghast I swear it’s the real gospel truth

I heard it first from Jacob’s Mother – the biblical Ruth

And when I was just like you – all but a little boy

I first leant of the majesty of Hellene of Troy

Not to be confused with the peoples of Zion

Or those that worshiped at the altar of Poseidon

Then there was Zeus with his power and great might

Not to mention the treasures and lure of Aphrodite

Of their type these tales are true champions

So they should be for they are Spartan Olympians

And have Cyclops, Hermes and Pleiades the daughters of Atlas

Of monsters of the wars of heroes they all soon come to pass

Of armies of soldiers piled dead in a spoil-mountain heap

Ah, god bless him ,  my darling son –  for he has fallen asleep

Michael Knighton

Author Michael Knighton

Famous for his involvement with Manchester United and Carlisle United professional football clubs. This website showcases the other lifelong passions of Michael Knighton - as a creator of Art and Poetry and occasional blogger.

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