And the heroic couplet rises once again to tell the epic story narrative

I like to use of the rhythmic, dramatic rhyming triplet for comparative

Academics boast of the alexandrine or hexameter poetic romantic line

The lambic pentameter is dominantly used metrical the egotistical sublime

The Dons who know their poetry exude talk of accentual – syllabic verse

The sweet sonnets, or sing one cornetto, song sonetto – even bloody worse

The boffins like their rules, their strict rhyming scheme and meter structure

Give me a touch of trochonic foot or blank free prose than an iamb puncture

Moving past the sestet through the octave no more a simple sweet subtle stanza

And what of terza rima – this technique must have a place in any poetic bonanza

Anapestic heptameter, hexastich, homonym with every bloody hendecasyllabics

Homostophic hook hyperbole hyper catalectic  – a poetic linguist playing his tricks

Ictus, listen to the Beat as I stress imagery into a gargantuan metaphorical mess

Incantation chanted in magical fashion as in the witches of the glorious Macbeth

Jabberwocky nonsense words as in the magical Alice Through the Looking Glass

Put kids off poetry forever with Kit –Cat, kinetic poetry and see an exit en mass

What’s wrong with a poet’s early immature work even if it is just simple juvenilia

Leitmotif words running see lexicographers butterfly beauty from the caterpillar

Libretto or light verse yes but the jolly simple limerick the scholars do lampoon

Saccharine sweet sugary litotes, logaoedic, logopoeia fed to me with a silver spoon

Make lyrical ballads of them all, macaronic verse is my own poetic Magnum Opus

Melpoeia, mesostic, tumbling metaphors Marlowe’s Mermaid Tavern meiosis

Metonymy, mimesis, minstrels, molossus, magnificent masterly mine monometer

Mora, negative capability, neologism from St Paul to Rome and St Peter’s Pontate

New apocalypse, heralds the Nobel Prize for the best ever-English Poet Laureate

A golden treasury of words into gobbledegook from even the greatest ever Bard

Why aggrandise, confuse a grand style making our beautiful language very hard

Michael Knighton

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